About PDPI

About PDPI

The Painted Dog Protection Initiative is a movement created by a team of Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders with the purpose to advance Painted Dog conservation. Our current projects include developing protective anti-snare collars and deploying them to field sites in Zimbabwe, as well as building awareness for Painted Dog conservation through a series of zoo day events.

PDPI Group Members

Back: Katie McHugh (Chicago Zoological Society), Enzo Aliaga- Rossel (Institute of Ecology- UMSA),
Kevin Green (RARE), Brandon Davis (Sea World Orlando)
Front: Kelly Donithan (IFAW), Daniel Brizuela (World Wildlife Fund)

About PDPI

Painted Dog Protection Initiative (PDPI) was created with the objective to reduce incidental mortality of dogs by facilitating the re-design and manufacturing of effective anti-snare, reflective collars and increasing awareness of the species by expanding educational efforts. To achieve these goals, we've partnered with Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) in Zimbabwe and the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) in the United States. Working with these partners, the PDPI aims to increase international awareness and conservation support for the species by creating an educational campaign for painted dogs - a "Painted Dog Day" zoo event; develop and promote an online and social media presence of our initiative; and use the proceeds of the zoo events and online outreach/marketing to fund the research, design, and implementation of enhanced anti-snare and reflective collars.

About EWCL

The Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders (EWCL) training program helps jump-start early career conservation professionals through a combination of skills training, networking opportunities with peers and established practitioners and the completion of a global wildlife conservation initiative. EWCL training addresses a long-standing need for capable leaders in the conservation field who are equipped with a full arsenal of skills to launch well-rounded and successful conservation campaigns and build successful leadership careers in the wildlife conservation profession.

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